About VioScreen

Capture comprehensive dietary behaviors in just 30 minutes!

VioScreen is a unique online dietary questionnaire, management and analysis system that efficiently gathers and manages data, enabling healthcare professionals to immediately identify dietary “habits” and counsel for lifestyle changes.

The system is versatile and includes:

  • Administrative components to easily manage clients/patients
  • Multiple Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQs) ( e.g, standard, renal) to better target client/patient needs
  • Health & Nutrition report with easy to read textual and graphical representations of nutritional status

It’s simple to get started. VioScreen is a web-based application hosted by Viocare

  • There is nothing to install
  • The system can be accessed at anytime from anywhere
  • Upgrades automatically include the most current industry standards for nutrition
  • Data is stored and secure

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